Sunday, August 06, 2017

Emotional Immature !

While emotionally immature, the human being dreams awake, careless of the importance of his actions. Expect the universe to bring the desired, without any effort on his part.

Directing life at random, with no goals, he gradually becomes bitter and hopeless, especially when events and circumstances have not succumbed to his most intimate yearnings.

He loses opportunities amidst daydreams, which never materialize, thus closing himself to life, gradually nourishing a certain melancholy, anguish, an emptiness, a lack of self-love and of direction.

Fragile as rose petals, unaware of the reason for his thorns, he cuts his stems from the world and live in a solitary vase, where water will one day evaporate. Summing up his existence in the hands of a sensitive soul, who may come to save him from himself. This is the sad portrait and awakening of those who wait without creating anything. 

Their beauty becomes ephemeral, and their passions fleeting before the beauty of those who work in fraternity, of those who toil without complaining, of those who suffer without being victimized, of those who believe without doubting, those who sway without falling, of those who lose without fading, and of those who love without safeguarding!

By J. Sewell

Imaturo Emocional !

Enquanto emocionalmente imaturo, o ser humano sonha acordado, descuidado da importância de suas ações. Espera que a universo traga o desejado, sem nenhum esforço de sua parte.

Dirigindo a vida de forma aleatória, sem metas, ele gradualmente torna-se amargo e desesperançoso, especialmente quando os eventos e as circunstâncias não sucumbiram a seus anseios mais íntimos.

Perdendo oportunidades em meio a devaneios, os quais nunca materializam-se, fecha-se para a vida, nutrindo gradualmente uma certa melancolia, uma angústia, um vazio, uma falta de auto-amor e de direção.

Frágil como pétalas de rosas, que desconhece o motivo de seus espinhos, corta suas hastes do mundo, vivendo em um vaso solitário, onde a água um dia se evaporará. Assim resumindo sua existência nas mãos de uma alma sensível, que possa vir salvá-lo de si mesmo. Este é o triste retrato e despertar dos que esperam sem nada criar. 

Sua beleza torna-se efêmera e suas paixões fugazes, diante da beleza dos que trabalham em fraternidade, dos que labutam sem reclamar, dos que sofrem sem se vitimar, dos que acreditam sem duvidar, dos que balançam sem cair, dos que perdem sem esmorecer e daqueles que amam sem se salvaguardar!

By J. Sewell

Saturday, May 13, 2017

" #DETACHMENTS _ If it is not by Loving It will be by Hurting "

Hello all the lovely people who honours my blog with their presence. I am so happy to announce that my book "DETACHMENTS-If it is not by Loving,It will be by Hurting" has been published by Balboa Press

Book Synopsis:
"Detachments" is an autobiography, where the author shares important and impactful stories of her life, where she learned the lessons of Detachment - a search for self. Originally written as a form of self-therapy, due to a phase of depression. However, according to the unfolding of the stories, the author realised that by reliving her deeper wounds, (such as a very traumatic event she witnessed in her early childhood), each wound was being healed one by one. This has helped drain the negative energies of the emotions that were attached to these events. In each chapter, the author understood that, from an early age, life had made her go through so many terrible but important events to teach the difficult task of letting go. Her faith also gave strength to overcome all this, and to become a much stronger and wiser person, and with a sense of duty to humanity. That's when the idea of ​​creating her blog came to life. The message that is clear in the book is that life sometimes tends to send storms in order to clear the pollution caused by our unhealed emotions. Thus, the trials of life are indeed, disguised blessings, that will shape our soul to a far better version of ourselves. The book is, in fact, a journey of self-knowledge where the lesson of detachment is evident, but above all, to cross the difficulties of life with courage and resignation, always taking the positive side of a negative situation. As the subtitle suggests, if we do not learn from love, life will teach us in harsh and repetitive ways until we learn.

“When facing some kind of suffering...the tumult of changes come to restructure our most intimate creations, forcing us to move into a new direction that will show the path of self-awakening.” 
Jacqueline Sewell

Click on the link below to get "Detachments" in hardcopy or eBook:

Check it out "Detachments" worldwide---> PRESS RELEASE

"Detachments", also became good news in a Brazilian forum called "Only Good News", click on---> "SoNoticiaBoa

Note: The book was published in English, and is currently in the process of been translated to the author's mother tongue (Brazilian Portuguese), and it should be released prior to end of the year.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

How you's how will be !!!

An individual's difficulty in perceiving the patterns of negativity in their way of thinking, obscures their view that they are in fact, responsible for attracting the wrong people and unfavourable situations to their life.

This individual tends to see himself as the victim of circumstances, because of his unresolved feelings and limited view of life. Impulsively, he will discredit the positive changes, and thus fuel the belief that his suffering is his fate, his bad luck, an injustice, a punishment, or his karma.

As a consequence, unwanted situations will be constantly repeating themselves and gradually taking away the shine and pleasure of life; Thus, perpetuating his unhappiness.

If they stop to observe the patterns of their own thoughts, they will realize that they are deeply rooted in their being, and that they have displayed their vestiges through their life history. These thought patterns were the co-creators of their miseries.

If those people are open to self-analysis, self-reform, and begin a quest to acquire the answers to the unfortunate events of their life, they will also begin to see themselves as the great creator of their present reality.

Moreover, if he also begins to raise his thoughts and sublimate his feelings, he will be reprogramming his mind to a wider way of seeing things. Eventually, his new emotional maturity will become a natural habit, which will then be reflected in his daily actions.

Now, knowing how to position itself with more control in the face of challenging events, this renewed being will be able to attract abundance of goodness, positivity and prosperity in all areas of his life.

by Jacky Sewell

Como você vê ... é como será !!!

A dificuldade de um indivíduo em perceber os padrões de negatividade em sua maneira de pensar, obscurece sua visão de enxergar que eles são de fato, os responsáveis ​​por atrair as pessoas erradas e as situações desfavoráveis ​​à sua vida.

Este indivíduo tende a ver-se como a vítima das circunstâncias, devido a seus sentimentos mal resolvidos e uma visão limitada da vida. Impulsivamente, ele desacreditará as mudanças positivas e, portanto, alimentará a crença de que seu sofrimento é seu destino, uma má sorte, uma injustiça, uma punição ou seu carma. 

Como conseqüência, as situações indesejadas estarão constantemente se repetindo e gradualmente tirando-lhe o brilho e o prazer pela vida; Assim, perpetuando sua infelicidade.

Se eles pararem para observar os padrões de seus próprios pensamentos, vão perceber que estão profundamente enraizado em seu ser, e que mostraram seus vestígios através da sua história de vida. Esses padrões de pensamentos foram os co-criadores de suas misérias.

Se o indivíduo se abrir à auto-análise, a uma auto-reforma, e começar uma busca por adquirir as respostas aos eventos infelizes de sua vida, ele também começará a se enxergar como o grande criador de sua presente realidade.

Além disso, se ele também começa a elevar seus pensamentos e a sublimar seus sentimentos, ele estará reprogramando sua mente para uma maneira mais ampla de ver as coisas. Eventualmente, sua nova maturidade emocional se tornará um hábito natural, que será refletido em suas ações diárias. 

Agora, sabendo se posicionar com mais controle diante dos desafiadores acontecimentos, este renovado ser será capaz de atrair abundâncias de bondade, positividade e prosperidade em todas as áreas de sua vida.

by Jacky Sewell

Saturday, February 18, 2017

#Steps of #Life !

If I could give advice to the youth of this planet, one of the most significant would be: Do not skip the stages of your life! Do not wish to grow before your time, do not take for granted your present moment.

All steps are necessary for learning and for structuring life in a solid and safe way. Thus, preparing you to be able to overcome obstacles that may appear in your path.

If we skip a step on the ladder of life, later on, life itself will charge you with the knowledge you have failed to acquire in it.

Therefore, it is very important to live each moment with intensity, and each phase with commitment and gratitude, even if it is challenging.

You never know when a simple learning from yesterday (even from a casual conversation with someone) can be useful in today, or better yet, be the exact and necessary key to opening the door of opportunity which will help you achieve your future goals.

Bless each stage of your life with your full presence, and do not let anything divert your attention from what really matters in the now.

The worst thing in life is finding yourself facing a situation where you will regret something you failed to do!

By @JackySewell

Ps. I was inspired to write this text that came from one of the deep conversations I usually have with my beloved son. This is one of my advice to him, to my nephews and to the young people of the world.

#Degraus da #Vida !

Se eu pudesse dar um conselho aos jovens deste planeta, um dos mais significativos seria: Não pule os estágios de sua vida! Não deseje crescer antes de seu tempo, não tome por concedido seu momento atual.

Todas as etapas são necessárias para a aprendizagem e para estruturar a vida de uma maneira sólida e segura. Assim, preparando você para ser capaz de superar os obstáculos que podem aparecer em seu caminho.

Se pularmos um degrau da escada da vida, mais tarde, a própria vida vai cobrar-lhe o conhecimento que você deixou de adquirir no mesmo.

Portanto, é muito importante viver cada momento com intensidade e cada fase com empenho e gratidão, mesmo que seja desafiador.

Você nunca sabe quando um simples aprendizado do ontem (até mesmo de uma conversa casual com alguém), pode ser útil no hoje, ou melhor ainda, ser a chave exata e necessária para abrir a porta da oportunidade, que irá ajudá-lo a atingir seus objetivos futuros.

Abençoe cada estágio de sua vida com sua plena presença e não deixe que nada desvie sua atenção do que realmente importa no agora.

A pior coisa na vida é encontrar-se enfrentando uma situação, onde você vai se arrepender de algo que deixou de fazer!

by @JackySewell

Ps. Fui inspirada a escrever esse texto que surgiu de uma das conversas profundas que costumo ter com meu amado filho. Este é um dos meus conselhos para ele, para meus sobrinhos e aos jovens do mundo.